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Are you physically fit ?

Friday, May 2, 2008

Hello friends,, i am here just for a quick review for my friends blog :

If you really want to get fit in todays most busy sheduled life than dont forget to visit this blog, it will hep you in getting more and more to know about your physical fitness and wellness.


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The dreamer

Monday, April 21, 2008

Hey friends, now boeing has launched a new plane known as dreamliner.It has a capacity for passenger.787-dreamliner has a capacity of 290 to 330 passenger.The seats are adjusted in the dream liner as follows : Economy class : 2+4+2 and 3+2+3 Business class : 2+2+2 or 2+1+2 Main feature of boeing-787 dreamliner is that it is 40% lighter than other aircraft comparably. In this aluminium has not been used, it is made up of carbon and fibre composite. 677 planes have already been booked. This planes costs $ 160 million to $180 million.

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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Here the great site that is now available online,,,

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Discount Shopping with Online Coupon Codes

Friday, March 28, 2008

A lot of people shop online. So do I. But don't we all keep looking for discounts everywhere? Even on online marketplaces, if we can find a discounted price, we go for it. Most online marketplaces use coupons or coupon codes for discounts. If you know the coupon code, you get a discount. Some examples of websites offering discounts using coupons are, Dell, HP, Circuit City, etc. I know of a website that can help you find coupons for most of your online buying needs, no matter what they are. It's called 1-coupons dot com and it offers promotional code for Travelodges and products ranging from computers to sports goods, from Sattelite radio to Baby products and almost everything that you can buy online. I think it is a very useful idea and would save a lot of time for most internet users, including me. That is because you won't have to go hunting around on Google for the latest coupons to use on a particular website.

The website is easy to search and use though the design could do with some upgradation. There is a categories column in the sidebar which is good for easier searching - It contains pretty much all the categories for products that people shop for. In addition, there are "Hot Coupons" and "Top Stores" columns which as the titles suggest, show the most searched coupons and the most used stores. I recommend you to give this website a try.

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5 tips for the best user experience

5 easy ways to choose a template

Here are 10 easy tips I recommend you to follow for the best user experience and for high success rate of your blog:

1. Use a template with the sidebar on the right and blog content on the left as shown in the following diagram:
The red regions get the most attention followed by Orange, yellow and green respectively according to heat diagrams for the web. Actually the user's attention first goes towards the top left corner but nowadays, it has shifted a bit more towards the centre top part of the site/blog.

2. Try to keep your advertisements in the sidebar of your blog or at the end of the post and not in your content.

3. Focus mainly on text link ads as they are less intrusive followed by affiliate links, then adsense and then image ads.

4. Don't use Context link ads in your blog or other similar advertising techniques. They are the best techniques for annoying your visitors and sending them away. For example, I had stopped visiting netbusinessblog because of excess of ads but now since he has cleaned them, I'm visiting it again.

5. Make sure your comments are displayed at the end of each post and not near the starting of the post. Some templates show the number of comments near the title of the post, like David Airey's template which people don't like coz they have to scroll all the way up to post a comment.

6. Choose your template's colors so that they match your blog's niche. For example, you won't use a black template for a religious blog. Usually light colors work well in most cases.

7. Keep your blog/site optimised for faster loading. Don't use slow loading ads or widgets. People (including me) tend to backtrack when a page takes too long to load. For example, I once visited a blog that had a single page's size equal to 1.7Mb. Of course, I didn't visit it again.

8. Know your audience: Try to understand your audience's behaviour by analysing what type of content generates more response, more visitors, what gets you more backlinks, etc.

9. Be professional but remain close to youe readers. Being professional in your approach is more appreciated by blog readers. But being professional dosen't mean you should lose contact with your readers. Be in a constant relationship with them. Address them politely.

10. Write your content in points. Most people would never read your whole content, so you need to write in such a manner so that even a single glance should tell what's inside the content.

Hope you enjoyed it. More tips coming soon!

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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Hey friends heres a good news for those who love rap songs. A new site has been launched regarding rap artist where you can find your favorite rap artist. You can also discuss on rap forum and find out artist listenings, forums, new releases, and for top 10 artist you can check out Rap artist top 10. Here you can register for free and enjoy the new hip hop site. In the forum section you can also discuss about the hip hop or rap discussion. So if you are also a RAP lover than just done waste time and get into the site by registering for free.

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Whats that sound ?

Sonic boom is an impulsive noise similar to thunder. It is caused by an object moving faster than sound, about 750 miles per hour at sea level. An aircraft traveling through the atmosphere continuously produces air-pressure waves similar to the water waves caused by a ship's bow. When the aircraft exceeds the speed of sound, these pressure waves combine and form shock waves which travel forward from the generation or "release" point.
As an aircraft flies at supersonic speeds it is continually generating shock waves, dropping sonic boom along its flight path, similar to someone dropping objects from a moving vehicle. From the perspective of the aircraft, the boom appears to be swept backwards as it travels awayfrom the aircraft. If the plane makes a sharp turn or pulls up, the boom will hit the ground in front of the aircraft.

The sound heard on the ground as a "sonic boom" is the sudden onset and release of pressure after the buildup by the shock wave or "peak overpressure." The change in pressure caused by sonic boom is only a few pounds per square foot, about the same pressure change we experience on an elevator as it descends two or three floors, in a much shorter time period. It is the magnitude of this peak overpressure that describes a sonic boom.

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